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Cover and Tracklist:

2016-04-09 08:50:53 by OrcaBeatz

Cover and Tracklist for the 2nd Part of the journey.


Tracklist "A boy and his backpack"

2015-07-10 17:25:15 by OrcaBeatz


Here we have the tracklist with the places the boy visits during his journey.

All ancient places with a lot in common-especially in science and culture.

Album cover

2015-07-10 17:14:47 by OrcaBeatz


New Album^^

2015-07-07 16:07:07 by OrcaBeatz

Have fun with Cover and Tracklist.

Tried to catch the feeling of those ancient places which have much in common in terms of architecture, agriculture, astrononomy and more.

You can look it up in the www if you're interested. But be careful with the sources^^

rap, pump, skate, learn, play, relax to it:) Have fun.

New Tracks are coming

2015-03-03 02:40:03 by OrcaBeatz

With "Breaker" the last song of  "dive and fly" LP is online.

Within the next weeks new gameloops and beats will follow.

Hope you'll use, share, comment and criticize like before and more:)

btw-which Genre would you sort my music in? HipHopModern, Videogame, Beat, Loop, Electric, Ambient?

I often have natureimages/ animals or games in mind when im composing^^ Have a nice day.



2015-03-01 02:43:08 by OrcaBeatz

Thx to


for your support. Every time i update and take a look @ the downloadstatus it makes me smile.

Thanks to the unknown others as well. the thought "my music is on sbs harddrive" keeps me motivated^^

Have a nice day

album infos

2015-02-23 01:40:12 by OrcaBeatz

started uploading "dive and fly" lp-first song is a boy and his rucksack.

also uploaded covers for the previous works.

When you look at my audiosubmissions:

From ebb- Rapbeat08-outro the albumtitle is "ebb and flood".

From childrens anthem- fluke its "rapture of the deep".

the experimental and videogamesongs/loops from first day for pixelheroguy- nostalgic days is from the lost tapes.

From Bildböen- Rapbeat06 its "Thoughts".

Rastlos-Outro is "Feelings".

you can also see it at the CD-Icon^^


unfulfilled expectations

2015-02-23 01:27:59 by OrcaBeatz

Thomas I'm still sorry. I was an idiot and I know it!

Back again

2015-02-15 06:47:56 by OrcaBeatz

Hi Newgrounds,

after curing my diseases, i'll start to upload my creations, which helped me a lot during the medical treatment

So back again, with a lot of Beats and music for you.

Feel free to use, share, comment & criticize ^-^ Thanks